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Forte Music Training is committed to the training of the next generation of Music Educators, Music Students and the publication of Music Education Materials.

Our Promise to our Customers:
  • Dorothy does not believe in hot housing very young piano beginners. Your child will grow and develop holistically with an all rounded Music Education that will serve them well into their adult years.
  • Dorothy believes in inculcating passion in Music that is beyond the exam room.
  • Dorothy believes that your child can be a confident performer.
  • Through Music, your child will learn to be creative, disciplined, sensitive and appreciates the aesthetics of life.

Departments under Forte Music Training:

1. Education
Piano Lessons provided by Dorothy Chia range from beginners to diploma standards.

Darryl Tan, beginner plays Hayride

Beginners need to learn the rudiments of Note Spelling, Pulse, Rhythm and have fun at piano lessons!
At Forte Music Training, Dorothy ensures that the child has a strong foundation in piano playing by having a wide selection of repertoire.

Athena, passed grade 8

Duets form an important component of a student's musical growth. Here Athena plays Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast with an orchestral backing. She not only gets to be involved in ensemble playing, she is also developing her listening skills as well.

Music For Little Mozarts

Music For Little Mozarts is suitable for children ages 3.5 -4 years old. Taught in a group format, children are engaged through activities that build musicianship and elementary playing skills.

2. Teacher Training
A comprehensive course in Piano Pedagogy will equip new candidates who are keen to embark on a career in Piano Teaching. Upon completion of the modules, candidates can opt to take on the teaching diplomas offered by the various Music Examination Boards.

3. Publishing
From 27 November, 2014, Forte Music Training has legally acquired all distribution rights to Dorothy Chia's publication. Dorothy's previous business partnership, Wisdom Publishing has been dissolved. Dorothy is the author of:

Theory Explorer, book 1

Theory Explorer 2

Piano Pedagogy - The Questions

Piano Pedagogy - The Answers

Forte Music Training was founded by Dorothy Chia on 1 July, 2014.  
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Photographer: Steven Tor